More than 100 years of history


In 2014 we celebrated a century of history. A long family tradition and a special bond with our customers. We continue to move forward with the same enthusiasm as our predecessors.


The Founder

Xavier Aragó Turón

Born on November 30th
of 1881 in Santa Coloma de Farnés, in Girona. He studied pharmacy at the Faculty of Barcelona and graduated in 1904.
In 1910 he set out his pharmacy at number 30 in Ronda de Sant Pere, Barcelona. In the pharmacy’s backroom he began to manufacture surgical sutures to cover the supply needs of the Spanish and European markets. It is the oldest firm in Spain in this specialty.


The Impeller

J. Mª Aragó Mitjans

He was born on 6/02/1928 in Sarriá district of Barcelona.
He studied Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona, and he graduated in 1954. At the end of his studies he joined Laboratorio Aragó, where he took over from the company, promoting its renovation and modernization together with his sister Núria Aragó.
The spirit of initiative and improvement of Suturas Aragó led José Ma Aragó to install the first Cobalt 60 gamma-ray sterilization unit for surgical medical equipment in 1970, a system that guarantees maximum reliability as well as the total absence of contaminating residues.
Today, with more than 50 years of existence, it continues to be the first and only sterilization unit existing in Spain by this procedure.


The Present

Forward looking

Since 1995, the third generation took over with a century-old background and experience.
In 1998, Laboratorio Aragó built a new suture factory incorporating the latest technological advances and obtaining the EC mark that allowed the free circulation of its products throughout Europe in order to continue offering the highest quality and service to surgical professionals.
During all these years, Laboratorio Aragó has been incorporating new generations of fibers as well as the last generation needles. Extending and improving the range of its products achieving higher quality standards. During these years we have introduced improvements in our packaging and its identification, reducing size, incorporating the UDI system (Unique
Identification of Medical Devices) and the EDI system. Minimizing ecological impact and adapting to new market trends.

Sutures for surgical professionals

With a gamma ray sterilization in the only plant in Spain

Laboratorio Aragó is today is today a reference in the manufacture of sutures for surgical professionals, with extensive experience in the national and international fields.

For decades our advanced line of research has provided our customers with leading-edge products, rigorously tested and under exhaustive controls in all processes.

Surgical professionals around the world rely on our products and their proven efficiency. Laboratorio Aragó responds to the customers’ needs with quality, reliability and agility.

Our commercial team, always close to the surgeon, together with the company’s Technical Direction, works in a united and intense way so that Laboratorio Aragó’s catalog has the most advanced and modern technological products on the market.

We always offer the most complete range of sutures.

Complying with the most demanding standards


Our commitment at Laboratorio Aragó is to design, produce and distribute sterile surgical sutures, with the highest quality standards that satisfy the requirements of our clients as well as legal and regulatory requirements, by maintaining the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System implemented.

It is the responsibility of the Senior Management of Laboratorio Aragó to achieve this goal, which is also possible due to the commitment and participation, at all levels, of the organization’s personnel.

Laboratorio Aragó is certified under the requirements of the international standard UNE-EN ISO 13485:2018 in Quality Management Systems for Health Products, which has worldwide recognition.

In addition, all the products are compliant with Directive 93/42/CEE, which ensures the System of Design, Commercialization and Manufacture of the Products, as well as the standards of the European and American Pharmacopoeia for Sterile Surgical Sutures. Laboratorio Aragó also meets the requirements of the UNE-EN IS0 9001:2015 standard for Quality Management Systems and UNE- EN ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Systems.

Laboratorio Aragó’s commitment goes beyond adherence to internationally recognized standards and extends to the attitude of the entire company, since it has highly trained personnel who are aware at all times that the products manufactured are used to cure people, both nationally and internationally.

Laboratorio Aragó is committed to continuously improving the Integrated Management System to improve quality and environmental performance. Laboratorio Aragó S.L. is committed to protecting the environment by establishing the necessary actions to prevent pollution that may result from its activity as well as to make responsible use of natural resources.

Laboratorio Aragó facilitates and supports the application and understanding of the Integrated Management System by means of adequate communication and training to all the people in the company in order to ensure that this policy is understood, executed and maintained.

Moreover, the company’s Senior Management establishes measurable objectives consistent with the quality (ISO 9001:2015) and environment (ISO 14001:2015) policies, including those necessary to fulfill product requirements and those necessary to improve environmental performance, which together with this policy are reviewed and analyzed periodically in the Integrated Management System Review

ISO 14001-2015

LABORATORIO ARAGÓ optimizes the use of resources and waste, reduces the environmental impacts derived from its activity and those risks associated with accidental situations.

ISO 9001-2015

Quality management assurance in the organisation, a clear customer satisfaction orientation and management processes. All this with a focus on continuous improvement and the integration of other management cycles of the organization.

Professionals at your service

Human capital for the satisfaction of our customers

From our Headquarters, we will attend any consultation on our products or services.
Responding quickly and professionally to your demands.

In Laboratorio Aragó we offer personalized service: with maximum guarantees and full satisfaction, prioritizing any requirement of the client in the process of processing your order.

Our Commercial Team has extensive experience in the sector. Being at the client’s disposal to attend to any need related to their daily activity, together with the technical support of the R+D Department, and under the guidelines of the General Management, offers the client a continuous access to the most avant-garde and excellent range of sutures on the market.


We radiate confidence since 1970
Aragogamma was founded in 1970 with the aim of sterilizing surgical sutures manufactured by the company itself.

Establishing itself as a service company in the technology of irradiation/sterilization. This process has, at present, the systems of quality in its service, as well as the last computer science advances.
The experience acquired in these 50 years gives us a deep knowledge of technology and allows us to optimize the advice that our customers receive.

The important development of the plastic industry led to a strong increase in the use of plastic packaging, especially the so-called “single-use” in medicine and pharmaceutical specialties. Since the parameter systems to be controlled were temperature and plastic is susceptible to heat, these systems were not suitable for this type of material. On the other hand, sterilization by radiation allowed the treatment of many products at room temperature.

The sterilization of medical products depends on the ability of the radiation to inactivate and eliminate pathogenic or non-existent microorganisms in the product. This activity began in the 1950s on single-use products such as hypodermic needles and surgical gloves and was subsequently applied to the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and foodstuffs.

By “product” we mean any type of raw material or finished product, including the packaging material with which the product is sterilized. Learn more.